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Breathing fresh air is vital for staying healthy. But modern construction standards result in tightly sealed buildings that improve energy efficiency at the cost of your indoor air quality (IAQ). In fact, your indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than the air outside. The solution to this problem are ventilation systems that introduce fresh, filtered air into your home while extracting stale air from the inside without wasting any of your conditioned air. At Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning we take your indoor air quality (IAQ) very seriously and provide air ventilator sales and services to ensure your health and comfort.

Types of Air Ventilators

As Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer we offer several types of ventilation systems that help you improve your indoor air while ensuring maximum efficiency of your cooling or heating system. The so-called energy- and heat-recovery ventilators come in horizontal and vertical models that vary in size to ensure a perfect fit for any home or business. Some of these ventilators can be furnace- or duct-mounted in order to integrate them with your existing HVAC system. While energy recovery ventilators can reduce humidity in your home, heat recovery ventilators ensure that the cold outside air doesn’t reduce your indoor heat. All ventilation systems can be used in conjunction with air cleaners, purifiers, and dehumidifiers to further improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) by eliminating pollutants.

Air Ventilator Installation

Once you decide to get an air ventilator for your home or office, the next step will be choosing professional installation to ensure efficiency and correct integration with your existing HVAC system. The NATE-certified technicians at Winkelman Heating and Air Conditioning will help you decide which air ventilator is the best option based on your needs and the size of your home. After installing the equipment they will calibrate it to match your HVAC settings.

Air Ventilation Repairs & Maintenance

Needless to say, maintenance is an integral part of protecting the value of your ventilation system. We’re happy to offer you our Customer First Club maintenance savings plan, which includes two annual service checks, priority service, and bonus bucks towards new equipment. Of course, we also provide emergency, around-the-clock repair services for most major HVAC brands.

Air Ventilation Specialists You Can Trust

If you’d like to learn more about air ventilators or need to schedule any service, Think Wink and call us today. You can rest assured that we always put our customers first, as evident in our A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.